Explaining UiPath’s Modern Design Experience in light of its differences from Classic

Since UiPath Studio 2021.10, the Modern Design Experience has been enabled for new projects, and many of you may be confused by the difference from the Classic Design Experience.

This article describes the differences and changes between the Modern Design Experience and the Classic Design Experience.

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About Modern Experience

What is Modern Experience

The Modern Experience is a design that changes the Recorder, Activities, Object Repository, and Scraping Wizard from the Classic Experience, which was used by default until 2021.4.

Mainly, some of the functionality of UiPathStudioX has been imported into UiPathStudio, and some activities and the recorder and scraping wizards have been simplified.

Enable/Disable Modern Experience

Since UiPath Studio 2021.10, the Modern Design Experience is enabled when a new project is created.

After creating a project, you can enable or disable the Modern Design Experience (using the Classic Design Experience).

Steps to Disable the Modern Design Experience

1. In UiPath Studio, click on “Project”

2. Click on ■ Project Settings

3. Under “General,” click on “Modern Design Experience. *Click to restart Studio.

4. Ribbons have been changed to classic recording, screen scraping, and data scraping

5. The “Modern Design Experience” changed in step 3 is set to “No”, so the Classic Experience design is used.

Classic and Modern Experience

Difference between Classic Experience and Modern Experience

Classic ExperienceModern Experience
RecordersBasic, Desktop, Web, Image, Native Citrix, and Computer VisionApp/Web and Computer Vision
ActivitiesClassic activity and modern activity (*available by changing settings)Modern Activity
and classic activity (*available by changing settings)
Object Repositorynot availableavailable
Scraping WizardsData scraping, screen scrapingtable extraction

The Modern Experience is simpler, with a centralized recorder and scraping wizard.

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You can use both modern and classic activities by changing the activity settings.

Modern Experience Features



Whereas the Classic Experience required the use of Basic, Desktop, Web, Image, and Native Citrix recorders depending on the target of operation, the Modern Experience allows recording with the App/Web recorder.

Sample 1
Create a process to write text in Notepad using an app/web recorder

1. Process Creation Process
(1) Click on “App/Web Recorder

(2) Select in Notepad

(3) Enter the text to be input into Notepad. (In this case, we will use “abcde”.)

(4) Click “Confirm”

(5) Click the Save button.

(6) Recordings are created in the workflow.

2.Execution results of the created process
(1) Click “Run” under “Debug Files”

(2) As a result of the execution, “abcde” is written in Notepad.

Using the App/Web Recorder to create a process to click on a shopping on the website Yahoo!

1. Process Creation Process

(1) Click on “App/Web Recorder”

(2) Select “NEWS”

(3) Click the “Save” button.

(4) Recordings are created in the workflow.

2. Execution results of the created process
(1) Click “Run” under “Debug Files”

(2) As a result of execution, “NEWS” is clicked and the page transitions.

Computer Vision

The Computer Vision recorder is suitable for automatic generation of workflows that use Computer Vision activities.

The Computer Vision package required to use the Computer Vision activity includes a refactored version of the basic UIAutomation activity ([Click], [Enter Text], [Get Text], etc.).

The major difference between this Computer Vision activity and UIAutomation is that it uses Computer Vision’s neural network.

The Computer Vision activity was created for automation in virtual desktop environments, such as Citrix machines, to avoid the problem of non-existent/unreliable selectors.

sample process
Using Computer Vision Recorder, create a process to click on “ENTERTAINMET” on the website MSN

1. Process Creation Process

(1) Click on “Computer Vision”

(2) Click “Record”

(3) Click on the target browser


(5) Click “Save and Exit”

(6) Recordings are reflected in the workflow.

2. Execution results of the created process
(1) Click “Run” under “Debug Files”

(2) After the process is executed, the page after clicking “ENTERTAINMENT” is displayed.


View Classic Activities in the Modern Experience

Classic activities are also available in the Modern Experience. To use classic activities, change the following settings

Classic Activity Viewing Instructions
(1) Click on Activities in the lower left corner.

(2) Click on “Show Classic Activities”

(3) Classic activity is displayed

View Modern Activities in the Classic Experience

Modern Activities are also available in the Classic Experience. To use Modern Activities, change the following settings

Modern Activity Viewing Procedures
(1) Click on Activities in the lower left corner.

② Click on “Show Modern Activities”

(3) Modern activity is displayed.

Differences between modern and classic activities in UIAutomation

Modern ActivitiesClassic Activities
Check App State
On Element Appear
On Element VanishOn Image AppearOn Image VanishWait Element VanishWait Image VanishFind ImageImage Exists
ClickClickDouble Click Click ImageDouble Click Image
Extract Table Data
Extract Structured Data
Get Full TextGet Visible Text
Get TextGet Text
Go to URLNavigate To
HoverHoverHover Image
Keyboard ShortcutsSend Hotkey
Navigate BrowserClose TabGo BackGo ForwardGo HomeRefresh Browser
Select ItemSelect Item
Take ScreenshotTake Screenshot
Type IntoType IntoType Secure Text
Use Application/BrowserOpen ApplicationOpen BrowserAttach WindowAttach BrowserElement ScopeClose Window
Start Process
Anchor BaseContext Aware Anchor

UI Automation activities not listed in the table are available by default in both experiences.

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Modern activities are consolidated with classic activities, so you don’t have to wonder which activity to use.

Difference between Modern and Classic Activities in Excel

Excel Application ScopeUse Excel File
Excel Process ScopeExcel Process Scope
Single Excel Process Scope
Append To CSVAppend To CSV
Read CSVRead CSV
Write CSVWrite CSV
Delete ColumnDelete Column
Filter TableFilter
Get Table Range
Insert ColumnInsert Column
Sort Table
Append RangeAppend Range
Close Workbook
Get Cell Color
Read CellRead Cell Value
Read Cell FormulaRead Cell Formula
Read Column
Read RangeRead Range
Read Row
Select Range
Set Range Color
Write CellWrite Cell
Write RangeFill Range
Save WorkbookSave Excel File
Save Excel File As
Create TableCreate Table
Get Workbook Sheet
Get Workbook Sheets
Refresh Pivot TableRefresh Pivot Table
Create Pivot TableCreate Pivot Table
Get Selected Range
Copy Sheet
Delete Range
Auto Fill RangeAuto Fill
Copy Paste RangeCopy Paste Range
Execute MacroRun Spreadsheet Macro
Insert/Delete ColumnsDelete Column
Insert/Delete RowsDelete Rows
Insert Rows
Invoke VBA
LookUp Range
Remove Duplicates RangeRemove Duplicates
Autofit Range
Change Pivot Data Source
Clear Sheet/Range/Table
Copy/Paste Range
Export to CSV
Delete Sheet
Duplicate Sheet
Find First/Last Data Row
Find/Replace Value
For Each Excel Row
For Each Excel Sheet
Format As Table
Format Cells
Insert Chart
Insert Sheet
Match Function
Protect Sheet
Refresh Excel Data Connections
Rename Sheet
Save Excel File As PDF
Sort Range
Text to Columns
Unprotect Sheet
Update Excel Chart
Write DataTable to Excel


Excel-related activities are more extensive in Modern.

Object Repository

The Object Repository is a feature that allows UI classification information to be created and reused within an automation project and across multiple automation projects by capturing UI elements as objects that can be shared across projects in the repository.

The Object Repository is only available for Modern Activities in the Modern Experience.

Create an object repository that specifies SPORTS for MSN and create a process to click on using the objects

1.Creating an object repository

(1) Click “Object Repository” on the workflow creation screen in Studio.

(2) Click the “Record” button.

(3) Click the “Record” button.

(4) Click Browser

(5) Click “SPORTS”

(6) Click the “Stop” button.

(7) Click the “Save” button

(8) An object repository has been created in the red box.

2.Process Creation

(1) Place [Use Application Browser] in the sequence

(2) Drag and drop the object repository’s browser UI to [Use Application Browser]

(3) Drag and drop the UI of an element in the object repository to [Run].

(4) Select [Click]

(5) Using the object repository, a process could be created to click on “SPORTS” in MSN

sea otter

By using UI elements from the object repository, common UI elements can be used within a project and in other projects, so that when a UI element changes, it can be modified only once.

3.Execution results of the created process


Click on “SPORTS” on the MSN top page, and you will be taken to a new page.

Scraping Wizard

Table Extraction Wizard

Data scraping in the Classic experience has been replaced by the Table Extraction Wizard in the Modern experience. The functionality is nearly identical.

Table Extraction Wizard to extract MSN MLB Standings in data table format and output to log

1.Process Creation Procedure

(1) Click on the “Table Extraction” wizard.

(2) Click “Add Data”

(3) Click on “Cntral” in the upper left corner of the Standings

(4) Click “Yes”

(5) Click the “Save” button.

(6) There is no next page, so click “Continue”

(7) The results of the Table Extraction Wizard are reflected in the process.

(8) To check the table extraction results, place the “Output Data Table” and “Message Log” activities and set them to convert the data in the data table to text and output it to the log.

(9) Completed Process

2.Execution Result

When the created process is executed, Standings is output to the log.

Screen scraping (alternative to get text)

There is no wizard in the Modern Experience that is equivalent to the screen scraping in the Classic Experience. However, it can be replaced by a “Get Text” activity.

“Get Text” to get the text specified by the browser and output to the log.


(1) Place the activity “Use Application/Browser”

(2) Under “Use Application/Browser,” click “Indicate application to automate” and specify the browser from which you want to retrieve the text.

(3) Place “Get Text” within Do

(4) “Indicate in Firefox:…” in “Get Text Click on

(5) Specify the text you want to retrieve in the browser.

(6) Click “Confirm”

(7) Press Ctrl+K in “Save to” of “Get Text” and set the variable for the output destination (strText in the image).

(8) In the “Get Text” activity, you can select a scraping method similar to the “Screen Scraping” in the Classic Experience.

(9) Place the “Log Message” activity and set the variable (strText).

(10) Completed Process

2.process execution result

sea otter

I was able to get the text data of the specified range.


  1. The Modern experience is simpler and easier to use than the Classic experience, with a centralized recorder and scraping wizard.
  2. Both modern and classic activities can be used in either experience. (*You need to configure the display settings in the Activity Options.
  3. The Modern experience has more UIAutomation and Excel activities than the Classic experience.

We recommend that new projects be created with the Modern Experience, as it offers more development options.

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